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An offer from the Australian Counselling Association (ACA)

The following is an extract from a letter addressed to the Leila Davis, GANZ President,  from Tom Parker, Industry Liaison Officer of the Austraian Counselling Association.  It is worth taking a look at what’s on offer if you are looking for registration with a new professional body.  I think we may need some clarification of exactly … Continue reading

Plenary Speakers for 2017 GANZ Conference

Plenary Speakers for 2017 GANZ Conference

On each day we will hear from a cross section of Gestalt Psychotherapists and Trainers — colleagues who will explore aspects of the theme and create an emerging, insightful and interactive community experience. They are: Tony Jackson VIC; Claire Taubert VIC; Ashleigh Power NSW; Susanna Goodrich NSW; Gabe Phillips VIC; Brenda Levien NZ; Dave Mutton VIC; … Continue reading